Upcoming Projects

2009-10-15 22:00:14 by StrickenXD

Well i have a few upcomign projects, and i will possibly show some screens on a later post. self titled of course.

Well of Course the first project is something called Mortal Kombat-Tournement of Terror, it's essentaly a series of fights, in a bracket with a line up and so on. thats about 19% done

My Second project is called, Don't Miss a Thing, it's a tribute to Animosity by Zooloo75, two enemies that have been fighting forever arefighting and fighting when he finally says enough is enough he calls in a few favors and it becomes a 1 on 8 fight. thats about 67% done im working hard on it

Another project is called Dishavoc: Chaos Unruled, it's a joint featuring Me, Xeio, Jaliot, and Sonata. the story is about 4 enemies have been enemys for ages have been fighting forever get reunited to battle it out, but when in the midst of there fight the end of the world comes upon them. and monsters are wreaking havoc, they fight these monsters together and so on to a boss and once theyve defeated the monsters...they continue to beat each other up

My Background project is called Elemental Elevation, it's about a young boy who is gifted with incredible fighting skills that claims he is better than the elemnts themselves! When embodiments of each of the four elements decide to show up, and challenge him, each of the embodiments will go one by one and give the boy 6 soldiers to fight each soldier he beats he gets a bit of elemental power once he has beatan all 6 soldiers he faces the elemental embodiment himself with his new earned powers. 8% done.

so look for those in my next post =D seeya

Animating like living hell

2009-10-04 01:31:45 by StrickenXD

I got my tablet about 6 weeks ago, and since that i have been animating like FUCK. like i have animated so much that the improvment is VISIBLE!!!!

im doing multipl projects lol.

well thats about it.

Bored, bored, bored, bored

2009-08-07 09:03:57 by StrickenXD

i am so bored.